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Erland Cooper brings the Orkney Isles to Walthamstow with soaring Solan Goose

We were delighted to welcome Erland Cooper to Walthamstow Assembly Hall earlier this month to shoot the latest video for his stunning new album, inspired by his home on the Orkney Islands.

Read the full story and view the premiere of the live version of ‘Cattie-Face’ at The Quietus.

Renowned for its outstanding acoustics, Walthamstow Assembly Hall was complete in 1943 as part of the stunning Waltham Forest Town Hall complex. The Hall hosted classical music concerts, operas and ballets as the bombs fell and has a rich recording history. Some of the first stereo recordings were completed at the hall in 1958.

Artists to record and perform at the Hall include Benjamin Britten who recorded his masterpiece Peter Grimes, Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story, On the Waterfront), Julie Andrews (Sound of Music, Mary Poppins), The Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols.

Erland and a small ensemble filled the Hall with a soaring sound evoking the open skies and bird life of Orkney – and if that’s not enough, a short trip down Forest Road and you can be in your very own Orkney at Walthamstow Wetlands. Don’t forget your headphones…

The film was shot and edited by Alex Kozobolis and the music recorded live, captured by Realworlds’ Oli Jacobs. 

Director, photography & edit - Alex Kozobolis
Sound engineer - Oli Jacobs
Mixed by - Oli Jacobs at Realworld Studio
Hardanger Violin, Bowed Glockenspiel,
Soprano - Charlotte Greenhow First
Violin - Anna Pheobe
Viola - Jacob Downs 

Lifted from the debut album 'Solan Goose' by Erland Cooper. Out now.

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